Babylon Revisited by F. SCOTT FITZGERALD

“And where’s Mr. Campbell?” Charlie asked.   “Gone to Switzerland. Mr. Campbell’s a pretty sick man, Mr. Wales.”   “I’m sorry to hear that. And George Hardt?” Charlie inquired.   “Back in America, gone to work.”   “And where is the Snow Bird?”   “He was in here last week. Anyway, his friend, Mr. Schaeffer, […]

How Our Towns Drown by GEMINO ABAD

How in the downpour our towns drown, downstream of doom to sea we are returned, houses and pigs in ceaseless procecession as skies boom and fall thundering spears to beat down all curses and tears to tide — among seaweed and driftwood and water hyacinths, prayer-wreaths for the dead and the drowned,   downstream of […]


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Humans are bound to dream. These dreams, whether they are futile, are like a quantum of our own being; it perpetually haunts our emotions that may lead us to our infinite fall.

We, humans, are connected by these dreams. We become exhausted on our home-made reality and gradually yields in our own story.

However, dreams are made by our own consciousness. Dreams are made because of our capacity to become a human.